Wednesday, June 4, 2014

DIY Coffee Infused Oil

Some good coffee in moderation can be a wonderful thing!!! I personally started drinking one cup a day about 1 1/2 years ago when my daughter was born, and have kept the ritual going. I rarely surpass the 1 cup since I tend to get a bit gittery if I do, but if you love coffee, you'll be happy to know that it can be used in other useful ways!!

I primarily made this oil to use in an eye cream formulation as well as a test firming whipped body butter. The cafeine in the coffee is said to reduce puffiness of the under eye area as it is known for increasing blood circulation to give the skin a more rejuvenated and refresehd/awake look. Caffeine in skin products is also said to help in tightening and firming the skin as well as help with cellulite! So I decided to give it a try.

(I made a very small batch to try it out so multiply the amounts as needed)

- 2/3 Cup Virgin Coconut Oil (I used organic but regular will do great as well). I prefer to use virgin     coconut oil since it has a high temp tolerance and a very long shelf life, but you can also use Extra virgin Olive oil for this DIY.
- 1 Tablespoon ground Coffee (Pressed and Packed)
- 2 Glass Pyrex cups
- Cheese cloth or fine mesh strainer
- 1 Mason jar to pour final oil in

For this infusion, I went with the heat infusion method. You want to start by just simply placing your coffee in the glass Pyrex, then pouring the coconut oil over it (It's currently warm here so my coconut oil was already melted so it was easy to measure, if yours is solid, gently melt and measure 2/3 cup). I then stir the contents together and place in a "bain marie" on low on my stove for a few hours, stirring ocassionaly. Once the few hours have passed, I turn off the heat but leave it in the "bain Marie" until lightly warm as I like to heat my infusions slowly then cool them off slowly. I eventually set the pyrex on my counter until the glass no longer feels quite warm. Once the oil seems more or less cooled down, I set up my straining situation (I really only like using Glass (no plastic) to pour the oil into. I like to double ply some cheescloth and tie it with a rubber band around the edge of the pyrex to keep it on there so I can strain my coffee oil, sometimes needing to do it more than once. Once my oil is properly strained, I pour and leave it in the mason jar until completely cooled (lid off), then place the lid on my jar and refrigerate and voila! The oil will be solid once refrigerated, and melted once warmed. I'll update once I've been using the oil for a while to let you know my results :)
    The Coffee oil when in solid form.       
 The Coffee oil when in solid form.
My non-Bleached cheese cloth.


  1. I'm curious to know if the color rubs off. I'm trying to find a natural way to color my homemade beard balm in order for it to not be so yellow. I've switched to white beeswax and pale butters but I need something to add in. Would more coffee make it darker? Also, is the coffee smell present?

    1. Sorry for such a late reply!! I haven't been as active as I'd like on this blog lately :( In terms of a coffee smell being present, yes!! Definitely is... The coffee oil is super dark when it's melted (I used coconut oil) but when it's harder, it's a deep cream colour (like a coffee with milk).