Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Homemade yummy mini Baby muffins!

Between my baby (I literally have her tugging and pulling on my pants and trying to grab my computer mouse as we speak lol), freelance graphic design work and other everyday things, I don't always have time to stop by here (which I would like to apologize for) but whenever I do something in my everyday life that I feel I should share, I try to do just that! :)

My little girl Ciara is 9 months and a half and has been eating more and more food lately and is enjoying a variety of them. I've started to change things up a lot more now since she gets bored of repeats, and since her appetite is increasing, I try to come up with some snack ideas as well. I made a snack today for her which she seems to love! They're organic whole wheat raspberry/zucchini muffins! I made them in a mini muffin tray so that they would be bite size and snack friendly. I froze most of them and just take out 1 or two the night before I plan on giving them to her so they're always super fresh, but I only need to bake them once in a while!

(I used mostly organic ingredients but it's not a necessity.)

Homemade Baby omelette recipe!

My daughter is 9.5 months already and always excited to see new things and I've had to think of different ways to introduce the same foods to her. She only started eating eggs this week (was previously eating chicken and lamb). I thought of making her a mini omelette and thought I'd share :)

I used very basic ingredients and popped it in the oven while she was taking her nap so it would be cooked and cooled off by the time she woke up.