Monday, July 1, 2013

Tee tree oil for clear skin. It really does work!

So I had always heard that tee tree oil can help clear up your skin, but I never really tried it. After having my baby girl, for months afterwards, my skin was not itself. I had some light breaking out on the sides of my cheeks that were really bothering me, but I certainly wasn't going to get something crazy strong like Acutane, Proactive or anything like that since I'm still pumping (obviously you can't even use that stuff when breastfeeding, pregnant, or even thinking of getting pregnant in the months to come!) and that stuff is questionable in safety in my opinion to be using in any situation. Tee tree oil is an essential oil and EO's can be pretty potent, in fact, you can't use topical tee tree oil if you're pregnant, some might even argue topical use while breastfeeding should be avoided, but I use minimal amounts topically that I very very very highly doubt reach my milk supply so I started using it when my baby was about 5 months (she's 7 months now) since I really starting getting upset over the change in my skin (which I'd like to add wasn't that bad, but it was for me since I always had pretty good skin) ***I'm not a doctor though so if you have concerns, please ask your doctor :)***. Honestly, I wasn't expecting much, but I was super surprised on how it cleared up my skin, and how quickly it did it!

I applied some on my face for the first time one evening after my shower, and the next morning my skin was better! That's pretty impressive. I would also like to add that I'm a bit particular...Obviously we can't always find the time to wash our sheets daily, and that includes our pillow cases, but It bugs me to lay my face down on a not fresh pillow case since some dirt and dead skin cells can accumulate and lead to a deteriorated skin situation, so I just started using fresh towels or cloth blankets (my daughter has millions of them so I'd takes some of those since she doesn't even use them for anything anymore now that shes bigger) and I would change them every night or second night to make sure my face was always laying on a relatively clean surface.

NOW, how do you use tee tree oil you ask?

What i use, is a small bottle of Tee tree essential oi (mine is 1 oz Australian origin but I also have organic TT oil that I haven't used yet since my current one is working great so far) but you can use whatever tee tree oil you can find at your local health food store or pharmacy. I also use a small glass bowl (enough to hold a few tbsp's of liquid) and cotton pads (I like the large ones that are the size of your palm but you can use any kind you like).

The rest is super simple...

With a clean face, add 2 drops of TT oil in your tiny glass bowl, and add about 1-1 1/2 tbsp water (you can use filtered or tap your choice). Place your cotton pad in the solution, and squeeze excess (you want to make sure its damp enough like a commercial cleansing pad). Use the same way you would any other cleansing pad. Make sure to leave it on your skin, do not rinse off. You can use this on your chest and back too! There you have it! I'm sure may of you will see a difference! Use twice daily and I'm sure you will be happy with the results :)


You want to be cautious with EO's, they are very potent. If you're trying this for the first time, try a more diluted solution like 1 drop for 2 tbsp's, if your skin can tolerate it well, you can gradually add another drop and reduce the water content. I currently use about 3 drops to 1 tbsp water to dip my pad into.


I would mostly use this after my baby would go to bed so she wouldn't be grabbing my face and possibly getting some of the residue on her skin, better to be cautious :) All the mommies out there want to think of they're babies first :)

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