Friday, July 12, 2013

Coconut oil for your baby's skin. The perfect baby moisturizer!

 I really try and replace commercial product for natural DIY's whenever I can, especially with daily products since it's simpler and safer. Coconut oil is one of my favorite oils! Did you know it can make a great moisturizer/massage oil for after baby bath time? The only time I've ever used a non homemade natural lotion on my baby was 2 times when I put sunscreen on my daughter on the days when I knew she would be outside in the sun all day and I didn't want her to get sunburned (which btw I've made a natural sunscreen, but I'm testing it on myself in the sun before I do on my daughter so she wont get a sunburn). Other than that, I've only ever used a homemade lotion on her since she was born. I really wanted to avoid any chemicals going onto her skin, so I made sure she was using a moisturizer that hydrated her skin safely and effectively :) I make her a lotion that contains organic shea butter, aloe butter, organic coconut oil and grapeseed oil for a luxurious baby treatment :), but if you only use a good organic coconut oil, that's enough!

The coconut oil I used for her is food grade and organic. I live in Canada so I just ordered it from, but you can probably find the brand in any health food stores, and if you live in the states, I'm pretty sure this brand is easier to come by. I used a food grade oil called Nutiva Organic extra virgin coconut oil, which has been one of my favorite coconut oils ever. I loved the consistency and texture of this oil, its light and not grainy, many other coconut oils do have a bit of graininess which I'm not crazy about, but this one is perfection. It has a beautiful clean subtle coconut scent and I love how its a food grade product as well, so I know its safe for my daughter's skin! Coconut oil has a harder consistency at room temperature and will be a liquid in warmer temperatures.

Direction: Just place a small amount of your coconut oil in a small container at a time. I place mine next to my daughter's changing table (I made her a special batch that I keep in a tin). Just scoop up a bit, rub in your hand and treat your baby to a nice relaxing massage!

Pic of a coconut oil consistency at room temp. (Image taken from the web but mine is exactly the same).

On another note, (I want to express a bit of my frustration on this)... It was always important for me to avoid applying products filled with questionable ingredients on my baby since I know back when I was a baby, our parents didn't really second guess what they used on us all that much, they usually assumed that if it was approved to be on the market, it should be safe. I know my mom made sure that we were eating healthier options with foods (brown bread instead of white bread, no junky cereals, no soft drinks, no KFC...) but she never thought about how our fruits and vegetables were probably full of pesticides, or that steaming veggies in the microwave was not a good idea, or that skin products were full of chemicals, these were things most of our parents didn't even think about since nobody was really asking those questions at the time... I find our generation is asking wayyy more questions about EVERYTHING! We have access to much more information and we don't trust so blindingly. These days, we rarely ever assume that big commercial companies are selling us products that are perfectly safe for us since we all know what the bottom line is...They love our $$$.

These days, if people aren't sure, they don't take chances, DIY are becoming super popular since in my opinion, people are fed up of not knowing what the hell is in the products we're buying, or how it can affect us or our children down the road and we want more control over our health. I feel like we all need to just go back to basics for certain things.

This small change is a good start! It's something you probably use quite a bit on your baby, it's safe and natural without a long list of ingredients that don't sound simple at all, and cost effective! Just make sure to buy certified organic so that you know the coconuts used for your oil were't exposed to a bunch of pesticides...sigh.

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