Monday, July 8, 2013

Cake idea for a 6 month old baby girl!

So I thought I'd post this cute 6 month old cake I made for my baby girl since I found myself looking for cake ideas that were fun and didn't see too many out there for 6 months (I only have my 1 kid so I probably have more time on my hands than mothers out there with a handful of kids so I did want to take some time making a 6 month old cake lol but wont be doing this every 6 months if you're wondering...). It's super cute and pretty, but not healthy in the least and too sweet with the frosting, so, basically a show cake. I guess I could have made a carrot or banana bread cake with cream cheese frosting to make it less artificial, but I had to get it done asap...

What I used (bellow): A Wilton large cupcake pan, Wilton rolled fondant and large Wilton sprinkles. I also used some Betty Crocker frosting and cake mix (chocolate and vanilla) and bit of pink coloring to give the frosting color.

For the fondant, I purchased a variety of colors as well as a white pack to be able to create any color I needed for the little fondant figurine. For the numbers, I didn't like the shape of the cutters available, so I just printed out the shape of numbers I liked using photoshop (or word), cut them out and placed them on top of rolled out white fondant, I then used an exacto to cut out the numbers myself...The monkey was what took the longest but it was the cutest part :) I looked up images of fondant monkeys, printed them out and tried to make one of my own. I always call my little girl my little monkey so I figured since she's not obsessed with anything in particular yet, I'd use that as the theme for her cake. Honestly, the cake was no gourmet cake lol, I didn't even eat much of it since it was super sweet because of the frosting but it was meant to be all for show... I just wanted to make it for the pictures to remember her turning 6 months... The Wilton sprinkles taste like complete crap btw so don't overdue it with them (I placed those individually by hand to make it look cuter)...I used chocolate cake mix for the base and vanilla for the top part. I cut both surfaces to create flat texture bases, put some frosting in between the two and stuck em' together. more info on how to bake your cake mix can be found here, I followed the instructions since I'm no baking queen lol...

I kept the fondant components and put them into a ziplock bag and placed them in the "baby memories box" and made sure to take a bunch of pictures to remember the moment by :) She's growing up so fast !!! :(

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