Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Medela Freestyle Double Breast Pump Vs Avent Manual Pump

I decided to do a quick review on this breast pump since I use it every three hours everyday, so if there's anyone out there wondering about this product, I thought i'd throw my two sense into the mix. My apologies to anyone expecting me to get back into the everyday natural beauty tricks, but the birth of my daughter has pretty much catapulted me into another dimension of everything baby and mother stuff so naturally it will be crossing over into the subjects I'll be blogging about...

Ok, so like so many other moms, I tried breast feeding since I do believe breast is best, and it was hard for me. With the lack of sleep and the task of being the only one to be able to feed the little one, I started getting pretty overwhelmed. I was getting pretty stressed out since I really was dedicated to the idea of giving my baby breast milk, so I ended up trying to pump the day my daughter sucked badly on one of my breasts and hurt the hell out of it.

I started off with the Avent manual pump, and while I read pretty good reviews on this pump, I thought it sucked, but certainly not literally... It really didn't work for me, yes it was cheap (about 50$) but it was worthless to me. I was pumping about 45 mins for both sides and getting about 3 oz out of it, so pretty bad stuff right there, and I felt like it wasn't pumping properly. I can't even tell you how many times I wanted to quit the breast milk saga, but I was determined, so I told myself, I'm going to get the electric pump tomorrow morning, if this doesn't work, I might be out of options...

I ended up buying the Medela Freestly the next morning ( I was out of milk and needed to feed my baby and the manual pump wasn't getting enough milk out!!!). It cost about 500$ since I got a couple extra parts, and told myself that I really had no more options to fall back on so I hoped it would work. I came home, got it prepped, and honestly it saved me. Now pumping isn't easy since you need to be dedicated to it in order to maintain your milk supply, but I only had to pump every 3-4 hours for about 15-20 minutes and I would get about 6 oz out of it each session so it worked for me. My husband was able to feed the munchkin and it was helpful for sure. I read some reviews stating that the suction isn't as good as the Medela In-Style, but I just use it at the max and it works great! The reason I preferred the Freestyle, was the option of having a pump that doesn't need to be plugged into an outlet. Anyone breast feeding knows that it cuts into a lot of daily activities, and that everything revolves around pumping or feeding times, so this pump helped for those days that I would not be home and needed to pump no matter where I was, for example, I was at a girlfriends bday dinner, and had to pump (my breast were full and hurting) so I went to the washroom, locked myself in a stall and pumped for 15 mins...

Basically all in all, this pump is great, I've been exclusively pumping for 3 months now and planning on doing it for 6 months in all (maybe more if all keeps going well). For all exclusively pumping mothers out there who are wondering about milk supply, that is for a totally different blog posting subject right there, I've had my issues, and remedied them as they came at me, so far so good, and the little one is getting the breast milk I so desperately wanted to be able to give her! (Which happens to be 900 ml every 24 hrs!).

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