Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Ecover for washing baby bottles and dishes!

UPDATED 07/03/2014
I've had to switch over to Nature Clean dish wash soap because Ecover is no longer distributed in Canada.
I really like Nature clean but still looking for a dish soap that scores really well on EWG...I'll keep you posted.

I am "breastfeeding" but I'm doing it through pumping exclusively since I did have setbacks and found this method to be the best way for me to give my baby breast milk successfully. Basically I've noticed that its more time consuming than breastfeeding straight from the breast or formula feeding since you need to extract the milk from the breasts, and do all the bottle cleaning/sanitizing formula feeding requires. In my case, the pro was that my husband could feed our munchkin too so everything was worth it for me.

My concern was that when I bought a palmolive dishwash soap that smelled nice, but I then noticed that my bottles started to smell like the fragrance no matter how much I rinsed even after sanitizing, and this concerned me since I felt like maybe it would seep into the milk once I warmed it up, so I immediately stopped using it and looked for a dishwashing soap that would be safe for cleaning baby bottles which are not meant to be handled like everyday dishes in my eyes. I use Avent bottles by the way for anyone wondering.

I noticed the nipples smelled a lot like the fragrance of the dish wash soap so I threw them out (the smell just wouldn't come out) and I bought new ones, It was time for me to replace them anyways since my baby was a little over 3 months.

Ecover dishwash soap is a mostly naturally derived ingredients liquid soap that actually cleans really well by cutting the grease and not leaving a nasty residue which I liked, but I loved that the fragrance is plant derived and very faint, its not strong at all and definitely was not left behind on the bottles or nipples. I also liked that it's not tested on animals. I feel more at ease using this dishwash soap on my baby bottles and I'm glad I switched. They score really well on EWG as well so that was reassuring. You can check out the info for this product on the Ecover site here.

I now

I personally preferred the Ecover dishwash soap to Dapple soap that is meant for baby bottle (image below).
I had received a sample of this in a kit you receive when you go to your first doctor appointment when your expecting and I felt like the scent was pretty strong and smelled a bit like bleach to me, I never even finished the sample pack...It was good, but I felt that the Ecover dishwash soap was great for the baby bottles and everyday dishes as well.

The only con I guess would be where to find it...I live in Canada so I was going to order it off well.ca, but then they were sold out and then stopped carrying the product which was disappointing.  I ended up going to a natural food store looking for some other things when I noticed they carried it and it was the last one! So I purchased it and started using it the day of!

How I wash my baby bottles:

I've developed a routine with the washing since I have to wash my bottles and my breast pump pieces every time after use (which I have 3 sets of). I have a double sink in the kitchen so one has a large pot in it all the time ready to receive the pieces that need to be washed. I put about a quarter size amount of liquid soap and fill with warm water. I then gradually start soaking the pieces until eventually the pot is full. I then scrub all the bottles and nipples and pump pieces quickly with the bottle cleaning brush and a bit of dishwash soap to remove any grease left behind from the breast milk. I then place the bottles in my Avent electronic steamer (which I will be also writing a review on shortly since I preferred it to the microwave steamer big time) and then sanitize them. Final step is to remove them from the steamer and let air dry. CRAZY! lol but this is just another routine in my new life as a mother that I've embraced, it won't be forever...


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