Sunday, March 31, 2013

How to increase your breast milk supply.

I had my baby end of November 2012, and I did try feeding her from the breast the first 3 weeks but it got pretty hard for me, so I started pumping and have been pumping exclusively for the past 16 weeks now. For anyone wondering if exclusively pumping is possible, I can only speak from my experience, and the answer is yes in my case, although there are certain routines that must be followed and some set backs can occur such as milk reduction, but the good news is that you can increase your milk production with a few steps and a little dedication :) I use a Medela Freestyle double electric pump which I wrote about here. 

UPDATE! (It's been a year since I wrote this post and I would like to add that I pumped exclusively for 11 months, so it is possible to pump long term if you remember to keep pumping).

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Using Rice flour as a skin polisher, brightener and exfoliator!

I started using this lately since I find my skin has been ultra sensitive with the pregnancy and now with breastfeeding, I just don't think my skin is as resilient as it usually is without all the raging hormones so I wanted to find a way to exfoliate and brighten my skin at the same time since I did get a bit of pregnancy mask...I have posted an exfoliant tip in the past of using baking soda which you can find here, this works really great too, but not if you have really sensitive skin, and mine has been lately so I've had to avoid it.

Rice flower aka rice powder has been used by many for beauty purposes to lighten and brighten the skin, I find it also works well as an exfoliant but I found that different brands have different textures, both having their own benefits. I use a mix of two of them and I'll explain why. I use the ones below.

Ecover for washing baby bottles and dishes!

UPDATED 07/03/2014
I've had to switch over to Nature Clean dish wash soap because Ecover is no longer distributed in Canada.
I really like Nature clean but still looking for a dish soap that scores really well on EWG...I'll keep you posted.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Medela Freestyle Double Breast Pump Vs Avent Manual Pump

I decided to do a quick review on this breast pump since I use it every three hours everyday, so if there's anyone out there wondering about this product, I thought i'd throw my two sense into the mix. My apologies to anyone expecting me to get back into the everyday natural beauty tricks, but the birth of my daughter has pretty much catapulted me into another dimension of everything baby and mother stuff so naturally it will be crossing over into the subjects I'll be blogging about...

Ok, so like so many other moms, I tried breast feeding since I do believe breast is best, and it was hard for me. With the lack of sleep and the task of being the only one to be able to feed the little one, I started getting pretty overwhelmed. I was getting pretty stressed out since I really was dedicated to the idea of giving my baby breast milk, so I ended up trying to pump the day my daughter sucked badly on one of my breasts and hurt the hell out of it.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Topical Castor oil

Ok, so I had my baby and she's a little over 3 months old now and I definitely neglected my blog because of the craziness I was adjusting to but everything is stabilizing quite nicely. I definitely have not been prioritizing my search and trial of natural beauty remedies lately since I'm not focusing on myself too much right now lol,  but I am still occasionally searching for all natural tricks to try but mostly for my baby! One thing I am doing is breastfeeding/pumping so I want to make sure I avoid toxic ingredients. 

The problem I'm trying to remedy:
I got a bit of hyperpigmentation during my pregnancy and I wanted to see if castor oil would help, I also started getting more breakouts postpartum and wanted to see if castor oil would indeed help with this as I read it could. I was only using a combo of coconut oil and grape seed oil to moisturize my skin but noticed my skin was dry and I know that hormones can really pull a number on a woman postpartum and especially while breast feeding so my skin is still not in my pre pregnancy state yet :( but right now my baby is my priority so I'll focus more on myself once I finish breastfeeding. For now, I want to see if I can use some natural remedies to help out my complexion a bit since I am still a tiny bit vain, but in a considerate way lol.