Tuesday, September 18, 2012

DIY Whipped belly butter

For anyone out there that was waiting for my simple version of DIY whipped belly butter, here it is! So this one is a little tricky since you do need to buy some of the ingredients in this recipe that are not usually just laying around the house, but the components are more or less easy to find and it's definitely a simplified and effective version of the butter I make at home. The picture above is that of a belly butter I made for myself and a friend. For the butter pictured, I did use different ingredients since I ordered a bunch of more exotic ingredients that need to be purchased at a specialty store. The basic recipe I'll list bellow will give you the same consistency and take care of your skin so you can safely and naturally keep stretch marks at bay during pregnancy. I make my own natural products and my pregnancy butter version is a little more eccentric since I have different oils I can play with that are harder to come by, but this version should do the trick!

For this recipe, you'll need 6 ingredients: Beeswax, Shea butter, Cocoa butter, Sweet almond oil or Extra virgin olive oil, virgin coconut oil and 3 vitamin E capsules and tapioca starch. All the oils and tapioca starch can be found in most grocery stores and natural food stores. As for the Shea and Cocoa butter, you can sometimes find it in craft stores or natural food stores, if not you can always purchase it online.

In terms of measurements, if you have or could purchase a digital scale with a tear button that would be ideal (I got mine for about 13$) but if not measuring spoons or cups can work too. I'll provide a % of the amount of individual ingredients in the overall amount of butter as well to make it easier to make the recipe if you're not doing it with exact measurements and you're estimating the concoction. 

LITTLE MISS PERFECTIONIST'S FORMULATION FOR  AROUND 4 OUNCES OF DIY WHIPPED BELLY BUTTER (when whipped it can seem like more than the 4 ounces because of the introduction of air which fluffs up our butter):

-47% Shea butter: 60g
-8% Coco butter: 10g
-24% Sweet almond oil or extra virgin olive oil or a combo totaling: 32g
-16% Virgin coconut oi (hard at room temp): 20g
-5% Beeswax: 6g
-1 tsp Tapioca starch (to cut some of the greasiness feel)

-3 Vitamin E capsules this will only be added once the butter is cooled down and in the whipping stage).
-(OPTIONAL) for a more natural smell: Lavender essential oil 2 drops. (Avoid the use of essential oils if you have a high risk pregnancy just to be safe).

To make our butter, what we want to start off doing is getting all our ingredients together, and measuring them. I like to put the beeswax and butters in a glass Pyrex and I place it a bain marie over low heat for at least 20 mins. I then add the oils once the butters and wax have fully melted and heat up for at least 15-20 mins. Make sure you place the butters and wax in a medium size clean and dry glass measuring cup or bowl that's deep enough to whip up the ingredients at a later time (we don't want to introduce any water whatsoever to this concoction or it can be an invitation for bacteria). You also need a clean and dry spatula , an electric hand mixer to whip up our melted ingredients (again clean and dry) and finally a clean and dry container to pour your butter in afterwards (I use aluminium but you can also use glass, I avoid plastic but that can work too). This butter should last about 3-4 months as long as you remember not to use your fingers to scoop up the butter (dirty fingers will just keep introducing bacteria into the contents and since we aren't using any icky chemical preservatives to kill bacteria, this natural concoction is a bit more high maintenance, but worth it. You can use a spoon or knife to remove the butter from your container. If you place your butter in the fridge it can make your butter last longer.

With the measured butters and wax ingredients placed into your glass bowl/pyrex, get a bain marie set up (glass pot or casserole filled half way with water), place it on the stove at a medium low heat, place the glass bowl in the bain marie (make sure the water only goes up half way to your bowl containing the ingredients) and allow water to warm up and slowly melt your butters and wax together into one oil like substance. You can stir it gently with a stir stick, clean knife or clean spoon. Once the butters and wax has melted and been heated for the 15-20 mins, add the oils (still over the heat), and stir. Once the contents are all melted together, take it out of your bain marie.

You have a couple options here, you can wait until your concoction cools down naturally and starts to harden as it does so, or place it either in the fridge for about 5-8 mins or the freezer for about 5 mins (I prefer the freezer since it avoids it getting grainy in the future). What were looking to do is harden the surface of our melted concoction slightly but still have a liquidy oil substance bellow the thin hard surface. Once you have this, take out your electric mixer and start mixing at a slower speed at first, then moving up to the fastest. Its completely normal if it's still liquidy, it just means it needs to cool down more. You can stick it back in the freezer and keep doing these steps until you start getting a whipped cream consistency. Be careful not to let it get too cold or it will become hard as a rock and then you'll need to warm it up again. Patience is key...

Once the butter is whipped up, break the vitamin E capsules and get the oil into the butter. You can also add you tapioca starch if you wannt to cut some of the extra greasiness. If your interested in adding a bit of lavender scent, pour 2 drops of lavender essential oil (*don't exceed this as essential oils are needed only in small amounts, lavender is safe during pregnancy but best to be avoided in the first trimester, however, if you have a high risk pregnancy, essential oils are best to avoid just to be on the safe side). Lavender essential oil can be found in most natural food stores, it smells delicious, fresh, and is known for its great moisturizing properties. Mix your butter up one last time and voila! Homemade belly butter safe for you and baby, and amazing moisturizing properties that will help you keep those stretch marks at bay!

For more info on how to avoid stretch marks during pregnancy, check out one of my previous post here. Also, if you want a very simple remedy for stretch marks that's incredibly easy to adopt (easier than whipping up your own butter) then check out my post on using sweet almond oil for preventing stretch marks here.


  1. Hello, I was wondering if I could sub the Tapioca starch for Arrowroot Powder.

    Thanks so much,


    1. Sorry for the late reply!! I don't log on often enough :( You absolutely can!! But keep in mind that arrowroot is thicker and less light to the touch so it might thicken your butter or make it a little more tacky/pasty... I use arrowroot vs tapioca starch for my baby zinc bum creams since it thickens it up along with the zinc.

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