Tuesday, September 18, 2012

DIY Whipped belly butter

For anyone out there that was waiting for my simple version of DIY whipped belly butter, here it is! So this one is a little tricky since you do need to buy some of the ingredients in this recipe that are not usually just laying around the house, but the components are more or less easy to find and it's definitely a simplified and effective version of the butter I make at home. The picture above is that of a belly butter I made for myself and a friend. For the butter pictured, I did use different ingredients since I ordered a bunch of more exotic ingredients that need to be purchased at a specialty store. The basic recipe I'll list bellow will give you the same consistency and take care of your skin so you can safely and naturally keep stretch marks at bay during pregnancy. I make my own natural products and my pregnancy butter version is a little more eccentric since I have different oils I can play with that are harder to come by, but this version should do the trick!