Monday, August 27, 2012

The perfect alternative to soft drinks!

One thing I love are carbonated drinks, and this is one habit I've had to adjust. See the problem is it's no secret that soft drinks aren't very good for us because of all the sugar they contain, and diet sodas contain  artificial sweeteners which in my opinion aren't any better, if not worse since I always kinda felt like aspartame and chemicals alike will one day be proven to be more harmful to us than sugar so I just avoid it, especially now that I'm pregnant.

I do love my carbonated beverages though so I've come up with a solution that doesn't make me feel as guilty drinking. It's super simple and does the trick, Soda with a splash of cran with a lemon, and that's it! The soda delivers on the carbonation, splash of cran gives a bit of sweetness and taste, and the sliver of lemon which I squeeze into my drink provides extra taste that is yummy and refreshing. Order it the next time you go out, and you'll see that you wont come across a bar that doesn't have what it takes to make this, and you won't ever feel guilty drinking a few of these throughout the day. For me this was a plus especially now during pregnancy since soft drinks aren't too high on my list these days. Once In a blue moon I'll have a 7up, but I always avoid the diet version.

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