Thursday, August 30, 2012

Measuring basal body temperature to know when ovulation takes place.

So this is a post strictly for women trying to get pregnant and who would like to know when they are ovulating in their cycle. Every woman is different, some women are regular, some not so much, and some may ovulate early or later on in their cycle which usually ranges anywhere between 21-30 days (If you're regular).

I've had my own struggles with getting pregnant but I am happy to say I'm entering my 7th month and very happy. This may be coincidental, but the same month I started measuring my basal temperature, was the month I got pregnant (naturally without any fertility help). Ironically, we had started seeing a fertility specialist to take all the basic tests in finding out if all was well, and the day we went in for our last test, I got the positive htp! Funny how things happen sometimes. Basically, in measuring my BBT,  I discovered that I actually ovulated a few days earlier than the average (which is said to be around day 14 of your cycle, day 1 being the first day of your period). I found out I ovulated on day 11, but some women ovulate later or earlier and since not all women are the same, my mistake was that I revolved my predicted ovulation around the average 14 days. The month I started measuring my BBT, I wound up discovering the day I was ovulating and was happy I had started trying before that date (it's usually a better idea to have tried in the days before, the day of and the day after ovulation for the best chances), and made sure to try that very day. I definitely recommend this for women trying to get pregnant and would like to really know the day they ovulate to be better informed on when to really focus on trying. I have tried ovulating prediction tests and in my opinion, they were a waste of money, my kit cost about 50$ and it was only really lasted me for one month, and I didn't even end up finding out the day I ovulated. For this method, all you need is a thermometer, a chart and basic info on what to do. I got all my info from here and downloaded my blank chart to get started here and get an example of a filled out chart here to help guide you. It was pretty simple and straight forward. You just want to make sure you take your BBT first thing when you wake up before moving around too much, and roughly around the same time every morning for it to be more accurate. I bought my digital thermometer at my local pharmacy for about 10$ and kept it next to my bed so every morning I could just reach over for it and measure my BBT. If you're someone trying to get pregnant, try this as well as see your doctor to get a full blood work test done to make sure everything else is healthy. I had found out I had low iron and treated immediately about 2 months before I got pregnant, and I really believe that may have a played a role in my lowered fertility and then me getting pregnant shortly after correcting it. Try it! You have nothing to lose

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