Thursday, August 30, 2012

Measuring basal body temperature to know when ovulation takes place.

So this is a post strictly for women trying to get pregnant and who would like to know when they are ovulating in their cycle. Every woman is different, some women are regular, some not so much, and some may ovulate early or later on in their cycle which usually ranges anywhere between 21-30 days (If you're regular).

How to fill in eyebrows and make them look natural and fab!

So this trick is one I started using about 9 months ago. I got rid of the old method I used to use which was using a liner pencil since this way is so much nicer and more natural looking. When using a pencil, I find it easy to end up with blotchy filled eyebrows or chunkier areas that make the brows look drawn into, not a good look... I have fairly full eyebrows, but every now and then when I want more shape or If I need to fill in any gaps from falling eyebrow hairs, I use this trick to fill in my eyebrows so they look perfect!

Monday, August 27, 2012

The perfect alternative to soft drinks!

One thing I love are carbonated drinks, and this is one habit I've had to adjust. See the problem is it's no secret that soft drinks aren't very good for us because of all the sugar they contain, and diet sodas contain  artificial sweeteners which in my opinion aren't any better, if not worse since I always kinda felt like aspartame and chemicals alike will one day be proven to be more harmful to us than sugar so I just avoid it, especially now that I'm pregnant.

Sweet almond oil for skin and hair care. Helps keep stretch marks away in pregnancy too!

(WARNING!!! If  you have any allergies to almonds or suspect you may have allergies to almonds, do not use almond oil as a natural skin care option).

The beauty of this one, is that it's great for both pregnant and non pregnant individuals out there. Now, I'm pregnant with my first child and have been looking for ways to take care of my skin using the most natural approach possible since I want to avoid stupid ingredients now that my focus is my little baby in my belly. Truthfully, I'm not one of those girls who doesn't care if I get stretch marks or not, lol, I do, I definitely want to keep them away as best I can, but not at the expense of slathering icky ingredients on my skin 2 times a day for months and months to come. It is said that most topical applications are only absorbed in traces to the blood stream and not likely to reach your baby, but the word not likely isn't too convincing to me so I really do try to cut as many corners as possible with anything I put on my skin. I figure the less chemicals I put on my skin, the better, although I have put some baby lotion on my skin from time to time and still do put on makeup when I go out to social functions (I limit my makeup application to days where i feel like looking cute but avoid it for most casual outings).

Now, why almond oil? It's natural and rich in vitamins A, E and D and well known for its anti aging properties. It is commonly used to soothe out or prevent facial wrinkles and said to be great for the hair by keeping it healthy looking and apparently promoting hair growth (I personally have not tried the almond oil in hair yet as I'm pretty happy with my hair and have not felt the need to find remedies to improve it). Another great use for almond oil is to help prevent stretch marks and it's perfectly safe and effective (unless you have almond allergies of course). 

The fight against stretch marks in pregnancy.

Pregnancy is a time to focus on your health and well being first and foremost. In my case, my mommy instinct has definitely kicked in, and my absolute main priority is to make sure my baby is safe and protected. With that being said, I would be lying if I said I didn't care about getting stretch marks and gaining excessive weight, but I'm certainly not going to obsess over it since my baby comes first. Honestly, I believe heredity has a lot to do with how you're body changes in pregnancy, so for some women, it won't be as easy to avoid the unpleasant scars and the water retention or weight gain.

The main things you want to remember when doing your best to avoid stretch marks is to make sure you're eating enough of your veggies/fruits and taking care of your diet the best you can, taking care of not gaining excessive weight or gaining weight too quickly, hydrating yourself with your water, applying topical remedies to enhance hydration of the areas you worry about and continuing your care regimen after delivery until you're body finishes healing.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Sorry for being MIA for quite some time!

So I would like to start by saying that I'm sorry for not writing anything for a while...The truth is, that I'm pregnant with my first child and strangely enough, all things beauty (makeup, creams, and especially natural ingredients etc...) gave me the worst nausea for quite some time which I never expected... but I'm going to get back to it and start getting some info together to share with all of you who check up my blog :) Thank you so much for your patience! Since I've been using the more natural approach lately and really avoiding using products to be as natural as possible because of the pregnancy, I'll be able to share a few regimens I've used to take care of my skin gently and safely. Also I've been using my homemade butters to keep those stretch marks at bay which has worked so far since I'm about to begin my 7th month of pregnancy without a single stretch mark in sight! (It's a mix between diet, heredity and topical care since apparently stretch marks are hard to avoid if your skin is truly susceptible to stretch marks)...So please stay tuned and I'll post some of my new faves now that I've entered this new chapter in my life!