Wednesday, February 1, 2012

DIY haircut

I'm not going to lie, I have a serious control issue when it comes to my hair, my hair is my thing and I have a hard time letting new hairdressers hack it up since I expect them to ruin my hair, and my hair doesn't grow back the fastest. Either I'm really picky or just unlucky, but I've rarely left a hairdresser super happy with my color and cut together. I'm still searching for a hairdresser that will really deliver, but In the meantime, I trim my hair once a month in a fool proof manner to make sure I at least get rid of the split ends (most of the time when I ask for a trim at the salon, I lose at least 5 inches which is crazy to me).

I have slight layers so this method maintains them. I use two different type of scissors, both of them specifically for hair cutting. One of them is to cut straight, and the other is for layering when I want to thin out a specific area for more subtle edges. I don't recommend this for everyone, but this method is hard to mess up unless you cut off too much, but it's great for a trim to ensure your constantly removing the split ends.

This is what I do, I just tie my hair in a forward ponytail and make sure its evenly slicked forward so it will be evenly cut, I use a comb to ensure its nicely combed forward. I then tie up my hair, comb the ponytail, then grab my scissors and cut the bottom area. The shorter you cut it, the shorter your layers will be so be careful not to overdo it. That's it! If you want a whole new style, don't do it yourself or you may run the risk of looking the way your barbie wound up looking when you were 6 years old...

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