Thursday, January 19, 2012

Strangely, the best Primer I've used so far! Monistat chafing relief powder gel

Now for another not so natural find I use every now and don't laugh! This one is a bit strange, I read about this on different blogs and I just had to try it, and I was actually very impressed. I had to buy it online since I couldn't find it anywhere locally, and I got it here. The main active ingredient is dimethicone, which is the leading ingredient in almost all makeup primers. Now, I'm not even sure what chafing relief powder gel is for (apparently its for areas around the inner thighs that may get irritated with constant friction???), but many people purchase this product for makeup related purposes which is a bit weird lol, but it works! So I don't wear this too often, just on nights when I want my makeup to stay put and last, I wouldn't want to use it often since it just sits on the top of the skin and probably isn't the best for your pores if used everyday, but for sporadic use It's great. The price is unreal and the product will last you a while! I do have a bit more sensitive skin, and when I wear this, it's usually for one night and I don't wear it again for a while after that so I've never gotten blemishes from this,  so I couldn't tell you if everyday use would cause breakouts since I choose not to take the chance, plus I don't think your skin breaths enough when you wear primers so I don't use them too often. I purchased 3 of these at a time to last me a very long time. My makeup looks perfect on top of this as it smooths out my skin and my makeup is guaranteed to stay put! I just apply a large pea size amount to the surface of my skin, wait about 2 mins and apply my makeup. Bellow is the consistency of the product.

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