Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Semi permanent Eyelash Extensions

I originally tried this in an effort to not have to worry about mascara at all for a little while. There were pros and cons to eyelash extensions and I'll break down how they turned out for me. Every one's different, so keep this in mind. I found a lovely specialised technician to do them for me, and she was really nice. The initial procedure cost me 120$ (which was actually a really good deal compared to what you find out there) and re-fills were between 60-80$ depending on how many lashes were applied. My natural eyelashes are thin and very straight, so in order to make them more dramatic, I usually have to curl/apply mascara and repeat this about 3-4 times if I want serious drama, on a regular day I just do this once.

I was pretty excited to try extensions and finally decided to try it in June of 2011. The initial session was about 1.5 hours and I think I fell asleep. My eyelashes looked really pretty and I was super happy. Bellow is a pic of what they looked like with no curling or mascara.

Now, the good news was that my technician guaranteed them for a week, so if they fell off, I could refill them for free (I just left her a tip), this happened to me, so I refilled them and they looked great again. The thing with extensions is that you pretty much have to change many habits, so no rubbing the eyes, no picking at your lashes, no curling (I did curl a few times and they fell out faster), no water directly splashing on the lashes (shower jet), no mascara (shorten the lifespan) and no sleeping on your eyelashes that could cause you to squash them on your pillow. So the initial adjustment of all this was a challenge for me, I usually rub my eyes, so I had to stop this, and I usually like sticking my face under the shower jet when washing my face, and I had to get used to washing my face with a sponge, I also had to clean my eye lid with a wet Qtip, at first it's annoying, then you adjust fine. Now, the main problem for me, is I got a bit addicted to them lol, I was literally going in every 2.5-3 weeks to refill (so about 60$-80$ a pop) and I didn't want to stop (they do advise you take a break and not refill them after about 3 months of use to let them breath). I have to say it was amazing waking up in the morning to gorgeous lashes! I also got used to bypassing the mascara and curling, it was great, my lashes were longer, thicker and niiiice! At first I started off with straighter looking lashes, then i opted for the curlier ones since I found myself wanting to curl them, I also got them thicker and ticker as time past since I wanted more drama every time, I literally got addicted, but I do have a bit of an addictive personality so I got to a point where I realised I shouldn't be spending 160$ a month on refilling my eyelashes forever...

Now for the cons...It isn't the cheapest to maintain, but mostly, they definitely temporarily damaged my original lashes. I had extensions from end of June until end of September, and I then decided to give my natural lashes a break. Some people say it won't damage your original lashes, mine definitely did without a doubt, I had less, and they were ridiculously short, I was literally panicking!!! They looked terrible! My technician wound up giving me a herbal serum that would help grown my lashes longer and healthier (and it worked btw! I'll post a review on that product shortly) but the re-growing phase took about 3-4 weeks. I was super happy they grew back though, I was terrified they would stay that short.

In the end, I loved the results, but it's a bit like being addicted to crack,  getting your high, then dealing with the ugly effects of withdrawals if you don't keep doing more...You love your lashes for a short while, you then need to keep refilling to maintain them and eventually you need to stop and deal with the ugliest lashes you ever had (unless you're luckier then I was) before maybe doing it all over again and paying a pretty penny. I might do them again one day, but I don't think it will be any time soon, as I hated going through that month of terrible lashes. This might not happen to everyone, but I have read many people complain this happened to them too so if you're lucky, you may be able to avoid it.

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