Thursday, January 19, 2012

Replacing a standard eyebrow brush for a baby toothbrush!

I have both, but I only ever use the baby toothbrush that I got for 1$ at the dollar store. I've had quite a few more pricey eyebrow brushes and I'll never go back to them. If you have very thin eyebrows it should work great, but mine are thicker then the width of the standard eyebrow brushes, so I tried using the baby toothbrush (it's smaller than an adult brush that's why I opt for this size, it's perfect!) and it brushes my brows beautifully in one swoop. This particular brush also contains 2 little suction cups at the base so sometimes I'll just stick it to the counter while I'm applying my makeup, I'm constantly using it to remove any loose powder or bronzer that may get stuck in my eyebrows, or when I want to blend any eyeshadow I may be using to fill them in nicely. Hands down I prefer this tool, most of my other eyebrow brushes have broken, this baby toothbrush has been my tool of choice for over 2 years now, I wash it regularly and it's super easy, a little bit of dish wash soap and voila! Like new.

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