Monday, January 30, 2012

My ultimate eyelash curler and lasting curling trick

So my ultimate eyelash curler is from Revlon and it's the only one I've had that has lasted me over 5 years now! I never really liked metal curlers since the curl looked weird to me, but this one is great! I really like the grip I get on the handle part, but you will need to eventually replace the plastic cushion part that curls the lashes, It comes with 1 replacement, and I purchased a pack of 4 for about 4$ that lasted me about 2 years (not revlon brand btw), I can't remember where I got them though, I may have gotten them at Sally Beauty. The original price was around 12-13$ and worth every penny! I used to use the plastic ones all the time since I loved the curl, but they would break every month.

Curling trick: For a beautiful long lasting curl, heat your eyelash curler with your hairdryer, wait a couple of seconds so you don't burn your eyelid lol, and curl. Voila! A beautiful long lasting curl that curls beautifully on the first shot so you don't need to curl over and over and run the risk of damaging your eyelashes.

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