Tuesday, January 17, 2012

My makeup brush essentials

Everyone has their certain brushes they absolutely need for their makeup routine, let me fill you in on mine.

From left to right:

Foundation brush, loose powder brush, bronzing brush, blush brush, fan brush (I use this for highlighting my cheek bones), highlighting brush, eye shadow application brush, eye shadow blending brush, and finally my eyebrow filler brush.

The brushes I love most:

I highly recommend getting the bronzer brush (3rd to left) as I find it blends my bronzer super nice upon application without having to blend too much afterwards. I really like the fan brush for highlighting too, and the eyebrow filler brush is great for making your brows look perfectly shaped without using a pencil (I'm not a huge fan of the pencil filling method, its less natural looking).

The brushes I use are QUO brushes and I'm pretty happy with them so far, they range between 14$-roughly 30$ so their definitely affordable if you want good brushes but don't want to spend 60$ a brush.

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