Monday, January 30, 2012

The Glavanic Spa portable hand device

So this post is a review of the Galvanic Spa that I purchased from Nuskin. I purchased it 2 years ago, and I don't think they came out with a newer version yet but I could be wrong, when I purchased this device, it was an improved version from the original device. The price tag was approx. 300$ for everything you see in the image bellow, and does not include refills for the AgeLoc product you need to use this machine with. The gel supplied lasted me about 2-3 months if used once a week, then every individual box of refills would cost approx. 20-30$ and would last about 1 month if you use this device once a week. How I use this device is I usually use it once a week on a thursday or friday and what you can expect are short term results of brightened and tightened skin, and better texture. The results will fade away which is why you need to do it at least once a week. The whole thing takes me about 10-15 mins with the rinsing in between.

I liked the AgeLoc gels (boxes above), but they do contain parabens, so I found a Canadian product online (image below) that is more natural and I started using their gels. The reason I was put off from the AgeLoc gels and the fact that they contain parabens as a preservative was that this galvanic machine has the ability to push ingredients from the gels deeper into the skin for better results (as oposed to creams that just sit on the surface of your skin), and why in the hell would I was to push parabens even deeper beyond the dermal surface? This is why I was happy to find an alternative. For anyone who likes the concept of this device, but doesn't want to be limited to Nuskin's refill gels that contain many chemicals, the good product replacement I found is called Rankine's Remedies Gels which you can find here. I haven't tried the newer version of the gels which are now Clinic Edition 5, but I'll try to get a hold of the newer version and test the results out to see if it is indeed improved. The good thing about this product that I like is that it's Canadian, Vegan Certified and made from 100% Naturally Derived Ingredients. I was quite pleased with the last edition of gels I tried, since they gave me almost the exact same results as the AgeLoc gels, by this I mean that I did really like my skin after using the AgeLoc gels, maybe even a tiny bit more than Rankine's gels, but the difference was not significant enough for me to keep bying AgeLoc, especially since they are not as safe ingredient friendly. I'm excited to try the new edition as I've tried 2 previous editions, and they did get slightly better from one to the other. You get so much more product with these gels and more importantly, less chemicals. Usually the gel should last you a bit less than a year since they're not loaded with preservatives, so you definitely want to use them up before then, when you purchase the gels, they provide you with an expiration date since they are made in smaller batches. The customer service seems pretty good, and shipping is very affordable. They contain the positive and negative charge properties needed for this device and are listed at 46.95$ CDN for both bottles which should last you at least 10-11 months if used once a week which is a great value compared to the AgeLoc gels. I'll re-post another review once I get around to getting the newer edition!
CONS: If you're pregnant, or trying to get pregnant, you want to avoid using the Galvanic Spa device all together as it has not been tested on pregnant women so the side effects are not properly determined.


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    1. So sorry for not catching this comment earlier!! I haven't been using this machine at all for almost the past 2 years as I was pregnant then breast feeding and its not recommended to use this during those periods, but I'm hoping to get back to using it soon enough!! My post baby making skin def. needs it!!!! lol

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