Sunday, January 15, 2012

First thing's first, allow me to introduce myself...

My name is Karina, I'm a mom to a baby girl and graphic designer by day, the rest of the time, I'm an obsessor of many different things! This blog will focus on some of them. 

I'm a bit compulsive and a perfectionist, which I both love and hate about myself! I'm in my early thirties and was recently diagnosed with thyroid cancer. Luckily enough for me I didn't need any radiation since It was caught super crazy early! I did however need to have a total thyroidectomy to completely get rid of it. You can find a post on the whole thing here.

When I first found out about having thyroid nodules (had not known it was cancer just yet), it was then that I became interested in adopting more day to day rituals that were more natural. I use this blog to share what I do and like!

I'm not an over exaggerated nature junky mind you, since I do live in the 2000's and find it impossible to be 100% natural with everything, and anybody who is on a mission to do so, will make themselves sick from anxiety. My pet peeve is an extremist of any kind. You only live once, and I realize that I can't control everything in my day to day life (however if someone told me I could by pressing a magic button, I probably would). My approach is everything in moderation, and whenever I can make more natural choices, I do without making myself go insane! You only live once and life is too short to spend it being worried all the time...

Keep in mind that this blog is basically a type of journal that reflects my views and opinions, not everything I do or think is for everyone. Enjoy!

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