Monday, January 16, 2012

First step I made... Eliminating Talc from my daily makeup routine

The first change I made was eliminating talc from my routine. If you look at almost any makeup product, Talc is on the list of ingredients. The problem with this ingredient is that daily inhalation of this ingredient is comparable to asbestos exposure, and that equals bad in my eyes...I do indulge in one or two products from time to time that do contain talc (mostly for makeup highlighting done on special occasions or nights out) but the occasions are few and far in between, my main goal is avoiding inhaling talc EVERYDAY as the accumulation of it in your lungs from day to day is what I consider to be a problem. That being said, I also chose to eliminate talc from my regimen as it does tend to clog pores more, and dry out your skin more, and so perhaps aging the skin faster, but these are MY conclusions on talc, you're free to research it yourself and make up your own mind on what you want to use on your own face.

Now, the only problem for those of you out there that are interested in eliminating talc from your products, is that we're limited in the products available that do offer this alternative. The one product that I am very happy with that by no means is the most "Green" product out there, or the safest (by that I mean there still are some not so great ingredients such as parabens and other ingredients that aren't the safest) but it is an improvement to the alternatives that do contain talc. Also, call me weird, but when I apply my loose powder i make sure to never have my mouth open and inhale the particles in the air straight into my lungs, I breath through my nose and I'll actually turn my head away from the floating particles to breath, some might call this crazy lol, I call this being more safe than sorry...I mean, if someone sneezed in your direction, would you make an effort to turn your head to avoid the sneeze particles or breath them in knowingly? lol if you're the type of person who doesn't care breathing in another person's sneeze, then you can call me crazy all you want, I'll make an effort to try and breath cleaner air if I can.

So, now that I've rambled a bit, I'll get to the point, I use Physicians formula for my makeup products since they are an affordable brand that offers talc free products among many others. (I would also like to mention that physicians formula aren't natural products by any means, and don't score the best on EWG either. I don't wear makeup every day, but my main focus is avoiding talc since it's difficult to find makeup that scores a 0 in EWG. Best way to avoid chemicals in makeup is to not wear any!) PF are a bit more expensive than your everyday lines such as covergirl, maybeline, revelon etc...but for me, it's worth it. I'm happy with the coverage these products offer, and I have seen a difference in less breakouts contributed to talc clogging my pores. The images I posted are those of the products I use ranging from the talc free line (from top to bottom): foundation, imperfection kits (I bought both sets), loose powder, bronzer and blush. I'm really happy with the way they look on my face, and the feeling they give me of not having a thick layer of makeup on my face.

One day, maybe i'll do a daily makeup routine tutorial video using these products...

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