Friday, January 20, 2012

Enjoy drinking water by flavoring it naturally!

Every one knows how good it is to drink water for good health, and for radiant skin, but if you're like me and you're not a fan of the life sustaining substance, It isn't always easy drinking the daily required amount of H2O. Some people love the stuff and have no problems drinking it all day, but for me I really i have to force myself to drink it. If I'm eating food, and it tastes like nothing, I don't feel like eating it, same thing with a beverage, so an easy solution is to add flavour without all the sugar, artificial flavouring or aspartame some of the instant powders offer. 

What I do:
I just slice up some fruit (oranges, tangerines, apples, cucumbers, lemon, limes etc..) and add it to a jug of water, if you want you can also squeeze the juice out of the fruits instead, and voila! Water that is more interesting and tasty than regular water!

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